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The scientific paper, "Radio Physics for Wireless Devices and Networking", has been published by ITtoolbox on 10-10-08.
http://wireless.ittoolbox.com/documents/peer-publishing   Click "Peer Publishing" link.
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The technical article, "Webcam Viewing Live Over the Internet Using A Dynamic IP
Internet Service"
, has been published by ITtoolbox on 10-10-08.
http://networking.ittoolbox.com/documents/peer-publishing    Click "Peer Publishing" link.
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Wilmington Star-News letters to the editor published 10-18-08 "Questions bailout". They should have used my heading "Hello Comrade". http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20081017/ARTICLES/810170312/1107/OPINION?Title=Letters_to_the_Editor_Oct__18__2008

Press Releases: These are Venture Enterprises press releases issued over the past year. You may  want to search the topics.
Vigneri receives Patent Award from Honeywell Aerospace for inventing the laser gyro many years ago!

Ronald Vigneri named 1999 Inventor of the Year, New Jersey Inst. of Technology Hall of Fame

Article in FDU Magazine's Alumni Profile titled, "A Patented Success Story" featured Ron Vigneri

Vetechnet.com continues operations and strategic alliances !

GeoSolve completes large Massachusetts  contract!

First factory production of Kool-Pool swimming pool coolers shipped to Texas!

Media Coverage of vetechnet.com personnel. This is some of what the media is saying about our company or personnel indirectly.
Inventor Has A Wide Array Of Interests, Sunday Wilmington Star-News, front page.
Dueling Domains, Wilmington Morning Star, e-Life Section, front page.
Shopping for a Web Designer, Wilmington Morning Star, Business Monday Section, front page.